Void Payroll Check

WARNING: If taxes have been paid on the check you want to void, this method may cause you to underpay or overpay taxes.

Find the check you want to void.
Click the Trx Inspect button.
Click the Zero Set button.
Double-click one of the line items then Reset Abal and select All Accounts.

Go to the employee Payroll window then click the Page button.
If the void causes the total paid to fall below 7,000, edit the FUTA to 7000 amount

Go Payroll > Maintenance, Mnt > Prog Employee
Click Edit and reduce the Year To Date and Social Security by the same gross amount.
Close the window then go to History and double-click the last line item in the list.
Uncheck the “Posted” box.
Delete the Paid Date.
Delete the Payroll Final Check #.

The payroll record can now be deleted or edited, then posted again.

Inserted 4/13/2015 – SV
Modified 4/14/15 – AG

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