Vendor With No Name

4033 and 4035: Vendor With No Name

ERROR 4033: Vendor with No Name. VSEQ = XXX
ERROR 4035: Vendor with No Index Name. VNAME = VSEQ = XXX

These errors sometimes go together.

This can be fixed by adding a name to the vendor record.
Use the Programmers window to find the vendor.

Menus > Maintenance > Prog > Windows > More Windows2 > Vendors
Find on the VSEQ# shown on the diagnostic error.
Click Edit, and enter the name of the vendor in the VNAME field.
If you do not know the name enter a made up name.
If VNAME UPP is also blank, enter the Upper Case version of the VNAME.
Click OK to save it.

If you do not want that record in your database, delete it from the Vendor window (not from the PROG window).

Revised 3/29/13 AG

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