PERFECT FIT can be customized to import a variety of bar code formats.

The way it is set up now, the bar code reader should create a text file in the form of the 12 character bar code followed by a marker character (* or – or ?) followed by the cut number.
example: 123456789012*456
There should be no other characters or lines on the import file. You can inspect the import file by opening it up in a work processor.

When the first procedure on the UPC import module is run, Load List, the entire file is brought into the left list and will appear in the cut # column.

The second procedure, Parse 12, will take the imported file and split the bar code from the cut number. It takes the first 12 characters as the bar code, and the 14th and higher characters as the cut number. The marker character does not matter; it is only to facilitate inspection of the file.

Further instructions to be added as needed……….

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