Transferring a Prepayment to a Different Customer

Go to the order that you want to apply the prepayment to.

Click Commands > Receive Prepayment

  • Click the dropdown and select User entered GL Account
  • Enter your suspense account in the GL account field
  • Enter the same post date you used in step 1
  • Enter a detailed note
  • Enter a memo
  • Enter a positive amount in the Prepayment Amount field
  • Leave the order number as is (should be the order number of the order you viewed beforehand)
  • Click OK

Prepay Transfer 2.jpg

Done. The prepayment is now applied correctly.

Note: The above instructions are for prepayments made on orders. If the prepayment was applied to an invoice use the Adjust Receivables command instead. Adjust it against account 3900 (suspense account).

Revised 3/10/2016 – SV

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