“Too many workstations in use”.

This error is usually due to 2 or more people sharing the same serial number. To fix the problem you will need to change the serial number of the affected user to a serial number that is not in use. Changing a serial number varies slightly between PF5 and PF7. Please see the “Change Serial Number” entry for instructions.

Note: If you are using the Security module you can run a Users report to see who logged in and what serial numbers they are using, via Menus > Maintenance > Diagnostics > Users. You can compare the results of this report with the list of serials you have on hand to see which serial numbers are free.

This page shows how to find what serial number you are using:

You can also get this message if you open PERFECT FIT twice on your own computer. Do not open PF a second time.

If the Omnis application is opened over the network, you may be sharing a serial number with another user. Every user should have their own copy of Omnis on their own computer.

Some of these problems can be avoided by using a Consolidated Serial Number.

If everyone is using their own serial number and you still receive the “Too many workstations in use” error, please call our staff for assistance.

Last Revision: 6/1/11, AG

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