Support Policy

Basic Support

Our commitment is to help you use PERFECT FIT to its maximum capabilities. You are invited to ask questions which will help clarify how the program works, or receive instructions on how to process an unusual transaction. You may need to know which report will provide the data analysis you need, or how to set up a custom search for a certain report. We will provide instructions to fix data errors that show up on diagnostic reports.

Basic support does not include hardware or system software support, network configuration or trouble shooting, data recovery due to hardware failure, bookkeeping services, import/export of data, data corrections due to operator errors, and data fixes from diagnostic errors that are older than 30 days. Also not included is custom programming or tasks related to custom projects.
Basic Support is provided by telephone, e-mail, and online screen sharing sessions.
Requirements for support:

  1. You must have TeamViewer for screen sharing installed on your computer.
  2. You must have submitted a Diagnostic Report to us within the last 30 days.
  3. If you have open invoices with us, they must not be more than 15 days past terms.

We may refuse support if any of these requirements are not met.

Program Updates

Program Updates are new, incremental versions of PERFECT FIT. They include bug and anomaly fixes, as well as additional features and enhancements. They are available for download from our private web site.

Quick Fix Updates

Quick Fix Updates are provided if you encounter a bug or limitation in the software that prevents you from doing business as usual. Quick Fix Updates are delivered with a fast turnaround time, and are supplied at the discretion of AG Systems. Quick Fix Updates are only supplied to users running the Current Version of PERFECT FIT and are on support. Bug fixes are free, but enhancements may be charged (see Custom Enhancements, below).

New Users

New users of PERFECT FIT receive 3 months of Basic Support from the date of installation, as part of the original software price.

Continued Support

After the initial support period has expired, and each year therafter, you have 2 options for continued support. In the month that your support expires we will mail you a form you can sign to select and renew support. If your account is in good standing we will bill you on terms of net 30 days.

  • Option 1: Hourly Support Plan

Basic Support services are charged at $2.00 per minute, 5 minute minimum. Program Updates may be purchased at approximately 60% of the support price that would have been charged if you were on an annual support plan. The cost of the release is based on the time since the last update or the expiration date of annual support. The update will include 30 days of support. Prices for updates are subject to change at any time. We will send you a quote upon request.

  • Option 2: Annual Support Plan

When your support expires we will mail you a form that shows you the support charges for the upcoming year.

Program Updates and Quick Fix Updates are included in this plan. A minimum of 1 update will be provided per 3 month period, if requested.

If support has expired, you must purchase an upgrade to the current version of PERFECT FIT in order to initiate a new support contract.

The Annual Support Plan will provide you with the most bug free version of PERFECT FIT with the latest enhancements. We work closely with our customers that are on annual support to determine the features that will be added to new versions. You will be able to make maximum use of the software.

Site Visits

We are available to come to your place of business for training, computer and network configuration, data import/export, and customization. Hourly and Day rates will be quoted, as will transportation time. Travel and overnight expenses are billed separately at cost. You must be on a current support contract and be running the latest version to have a site visit.

Custom Enhancements

We always will consider adding additional features, procedures, and reports to PERFECT FIT. Some enhancements may be added at no charge, at the discretion of AG Systems, and will be available in a future release.

If an enhancement will require a programming charge, we will send you a “Custom Enhancement Price Quote” with specifications and an estimate or stated fixed price. You will be able to do a cost/benefits analysis before committing to an expenditure. To proceed with the enhancement, the price quote must be signed and returned to us. You will be billed when the version with the enhancement is made available to you.

You must be on a current support contract and your account must be in good standing in order to receive a Custom Enhancement.

Custom Enhancements and Quick Fix Updates may require a Program Update to the current version of PERFECT FIT, or will be delivered in an External Library (programming code).

Custom programming and related tasks are NOT included in Annual Support. This includes time spent developing specifications, writing program code, training on custom features, debugging, and maintenance on the custom program.

Additional Info

Bugs and errors in the program will be fixed at no charge for users on a support contract. You will be supplied with the latest version with the fix.
Bookkeeping, Accounting Instruction, Consultation, and Customization are available, but are not included in the Support Plans.

This Support Plan is modeled on other plans that are standard in this industry, however, it is much more inexpensive! Please feel free to call with your questions.

*Even if you never call us for help, the upgrades to PERFECT FIT alone may be worth the Annual Support charge!

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