Super Reps

Super Rep Setup

Menus > Reps/Commissions

Click Insert and enter Super Rep Name and info.

Check the Super Rep Checkbox:

Assign Reps to Super Rep

Insert or find a rep that you would like to be assigned to the Super Rep.

Click Edit and enter the Super Rep Code into the “Assigned to Super Rep” field:

Pay Commissions/Reporting

Pay Commissions for all reps assigned to Super Rep by going to Menus > Reps/Commissions > Commands > Pay Commissions.

Select the Super Rep to load all Sub Rep’s invoices assigned to the Super Rep:

The same principle can be applied for Commission Reports.

Menus > Reps/Commissions > Reports > Commission Reports.  Enter the Super Rep Code to load a report for all Reps assigned to Super Rep.

Revised 6/17/21 by SH

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