Statements and Interest For Past Due Customers

1. Enter the Monthly interest rate in the Company Information Window, under the Maintenance Menu.

2. Menus > Customers. Reports > Receivables > Statement/Interest. Double click on the customers in the left window to move them to the right window and vice versa. The names in the right hand window will be the ones processed.

Reload X Days Past Due – This will allow the left list to be reloaded only with customers that are past their terms by the specified number of days. The number of days is set in Preference #25.

Insert Interest Invoices – The names in the right window will have interest invoices inserted. These Invoices must be posted before they will be added to the Statement.

Print Statements – Statements will be printed for the customers in the right window.

Note that the user has full control over who gets charged interest, and who receives statements. A single statement can also be sent from the Customer window > A/R Trx.

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