When PERFECT FIT is opened at any workstation, the user is prompted with a series of messages, as well as automatic posting of invoices and/or ledger entries.

These can be suppressed on any workstation. WARNING: Do not suppress these on ALL computers.

Create a file named nomsg.txt
This can be done using a word processor, or any other program. The contents of the document does not matter, only what it is named.

Put this file in the same Folder/Directory as the PERFECT FIT application and Omnis7.

When the program is opened, it checks for a file of this name, and will not run the startup messages and procedures if it is found.

We recommend you set up most workstations with this feature. The computer that has the Data File should not use this feature, as opening procedures are far faster on the Server computer.

We have found that if 2 computers open PERFECT FIT at the same time, and both are posting invoices, at least 1 invoice will be posted twice (this shows on Diagnostics). Suppressing the startup procedures will prevent this problem.

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