Invoice Size Headings
1. Size headings are triggered by the combination of size ranges in the stock numbers on the invoice line items.
2. The size heading on an invoice can be controlled from the Size Range field for the Invoice located on the Ship/Invoice window.
3. When an invoice is inserted, if there are mixed size ranges on the line items, then the Invoice Size Range field is left blank, and each line item will have its own size heading.
4. If there are no size ranges on the items, the the Size Range field is left blank and the invoice will print with each item on 2 lines to leave room for the size heading per line item, if there were one.
5. If all the items on the invoice use the same size heading, then the Invoice Size Range field is filled in with the common size range, and the invoice heading is printed with that size range.
6. You can force the quantities to be on the same line as the item by entering a size range in the Size Range field for the Invoice on the Ship/Invoice window. You may need to Insert a Size range in order to duplicate the default heading of XS – OS.
7. An alternative to forcing this field is to use a size range for all your inventory items, and define the size range using the same size slots as the default. This would cause #5 to happen.

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