Scanning for Receiving on Purchase Orders(PF7)

To scan bar codes and quickly receive the items into Perfect Fit inventory via Purchase Orders:

1) Open a spreadsheet document on your computer.

2) Scan the bar codes with your scanner gun.
Note: Depending on the version of your scanner, the data you scan may instantly appear in the
open spreadsheet or you may have to put the scanner in a cradle to upload data to the spreadsheet.

3) Once you are done scanning save your spreadsheet as a Tab Delimited text file (.txt).

4) Within Perfect Fit, go to Menus > Inventory > Commands > Batch Adjustments. Then follow the directions

*Note: In the Import Mapping window choose option #5 or #7. The option you choose is determined by
your spreadsheet layout (the columns within your spreadsheet). Also, be sure to select the
PO options as per the wikiguide instructions.

If a convenient mapping does not exist we can create one.

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