Royalty Tiers by Product(PF7)

Before you can use royalty tiers by product you must first set up royalty tiers by customer.
After you have royalty tiers set up by customer, the directions below will show you how to set them up by product.

Go to Vendors > Lists > Royalty Tiers. Enter values in the Percent 2 columns.
Tiers 2 stage 2013.11.26.jpg

Next, you need to select the Royalty Level for the desired items.
Menus > Inventory (find the item you want) > Notes
In the Notes window select either Royalty Level 1 or Royalty Level 2.
Tier Notes 19 2013.11.27.jpg

To confirm that the royalties tiers by product are working correctly, go to an invoice which has items set up for royalties, then click the Page button.
You will see the line item details. Click the Royalties button. That window will verify that the royalties have been set up correctly.

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