Royalties Module: 2 Types
Type 1 uses simple Invoice Line item tracking of licensor and royalty percent.
Type 2 uses a complex detail record to track licensor, team, and design.
Set at Preferences, Preference 71
This field is invisible if Royalties is not installed.

Type 1 (Simple – Most common use)
On each Inventory item, in the Stylemaster go to Other Data > Notes.
There are now fields for “Royalty Licensor” and Percent fields.(Royalty Licensor is entered initially as a Vendor. See User Guide #125.)
When these fields are entered with the Inventory item, the royalty amount will be automatically calculated and stored with the invoice items on the “Invoice details window”. You can also edit these royalty amounts on that invoice details window by clicking on the “Royalties” button.

Type 2 (Complex)
This type is used specifically for licensing of professional and collegiate sports teams. Please call Sol for Instructions. He is the Royalty Guru

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