To enter a recurring journal entry:

1. Enter the initial transaction in the General Ledger > Enter Transactions window. Note the Post date.

2. To repeat this entry in subsequent months:
Go to Ledger > Transaction Inspector
Click on Find
Select Source Journal, enter “GL”
Enter the post date range.
Click OK to initiate the Find.
Click on the correct transaction in the TRX Inspector.
Click on the “Enter GL” button.
This will bring you back to the General Ledger Entry window in Insert mode. Modify the dates and description as needed.
1. While in Insert mode, Control-Click the Clr Memo button. This copies the Description on the top of all the Memo lines.
2. While a Memo line is highlighted, click the Memo label text to populate that line only with the Description
Click OK to save the transaction.

Note that this technique can be used to reverse transactions by “Flipping” the existing entry.

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