Reconcile AR Reports and Ledger

Reconcile A/R Reports with the Ledger A/R Balances

Why they may not balance can be found here.

Make sure you have a clean diagnostic report before running these reports.
Of course other users should not be doing anything that affects A/R during this analysis.

1. Print the A/R Report As of TODAY.
Included BOTH Factored and Non-factored Invoices.
Invoices > Reports > Receivables > AR as of…?

2. Examine TODAY’s balance on Account 1200 and Account 1210
Ledger > Account Categories
Find account 1200 (numbers may be different on your system)
Click Detail History
Balance as of TODAY
The balance amount is on the lower left corner of the transaction list window that opens.
Repeat for Account 1210.
Add the balances on 1200 and 1210 together and compare to the A/R Report.?

If the numbers match, your system is in balance.

If the numbers do not match, you can often find the reason in the specialized diagnostic reports.
Diagnostics > Other Accounting?
Invoice AR Diagnostics
Acnt 1200, No Customer/Invoice
Acnt 1210, No Customer/Invoice
Factor Inv/Trx

Sometimes the difference can be fixed using the Programmers windows or making a GL entry against the receivable ledger accounts.
The appropriate solution may require some discussion with us.

Last Revised 8/10/11 AG?

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