Sometimes you may receive a check from a customer that is less than the total due on your invoice(s). This can be due to chargebacks, etc..

E.G. You have 5 invoices with $100 due on each invoice, for a total of $500 due. You receive a check from the customer for $400. The check will not cover the entire amount and you don’t want to leave a balance due on their account.

Receive and apply the entire amount of the check. There will be a balance due left over. Go into Adjust Receivables and adjust the left over amount into your desired account.

To adjust your receivables go to Commands > Adjust Receivables.

Enter your description, and an additional memo if necessary.

Enter a dollar amount (N.B.- enter a POSITIVE amount to decrease the amount on the Invoice, and a NEGATIVE amount to increase it).

Enter an Offset Account.

Tab down to the Applied field and select the appropriate Invoice that you want to adjust and enter a dollar amount

*When you are done, the amount at the bottom of the Applied column should be the same as the Credit Amount above. Keep this in mind if you are adjusting more than one Invoice at a time (not advisable).

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