Return Reasons tracking for Credits and Returns Under Maintenance > User Lists > Return Reasons, you can set up a list of reasons for return and order cancels. Some default Reasons will be inserted automatically. When inserting a Return Authorization, the user is prompted to select the Reason for Return from a pop-up list. Double click the selected line. Return Reasons can be edited on the Order (Return Authorizations only) info window or the Invoice (Credits and Returns only) info window. An exact match on the Return Code must be entered. Editing would not normally be done on these windows, but it is a way of updating old data so you can run the analysis reports. Setting up return reasons allows you to track why your customer are returning your goods as well, you can use these same reasons to track canceled orders.

1.To define your return/cancel reasons go to Menus > Maintenance
Maintenance > User Lists > Reasons for Return/Cancel.
2. Click insert and enter a reason/cancel code and a description and click OK.
3. When you enter a credit/return or cancel an order you will be prompted with the return/cancel reasons that you have defined. At this point you double click on the appropriate reason.
4. To run a report on return reasons got to Menus > Invoices > Reports> Invoice Items > and select return reasons.
5. To run a report on cancel reasons you can run either an order report or an order items report and select custom search where O_RETURNCODE is equal to the return code.

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