The Raw Materials Code field allows entry of any upper case characters or numbers, but no spaces. There is no segmented structure for type of material or color.

We recommend you use the following structure. Build the code from General to specific.

1. Start all fabrics with F, zippers with Z, Buttons with B, Labels with L, etc. When FINDING a part code you will be able to quickly list all fabrics by finding on “F”.
2. Second character, or second and more, will be more specific. Such as FK for Fabric, Knit, FD for Fabric, Denim.
3. As the code moves to the right, get more specific.
Fabric, Knit, Red = FKRED
Fabric, Knit, Blue = FKBLU
12″ White Zippers = ZWHT12

You can also add a code for the manufacturer, either at the end or earlier in the code sequence.

The decision of the coding should be based on the ease of FINDING a code during data entry.

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