Quickbooks with PERFECT FIT

Can I use Quickbooks with PERFECT FIT?

Options, in order of our recommendations:

1. Do not use Quickbooks. PF has a powerful double entry accounting system built into its core. There is a complete A/P module, and the Ledger module includes flexible financial reporting. You will not need to support 2 different programs to run your business. You will have a consistent interface from Orders to Payroll to Ledger. You will not have to worry about 2 systems becoming out of balance.

2. Use Quickbooks for A/P, Journal entries, and financial reporting. Use PF for A/R. You are already maintaining the customer and invoice database in PF, so it does not make sense to duplicate that data in another program. On the first of each month (or soon thereafter), run 2 PF Ledger Reports for the previous month, and then close the month in PF. The 2 reports are Account Activity detail (long report – save to PDF), and Account Activity summary (less than 1 page, often just 6 or 10 ledger accounts). After printing these reports, closing the period will prevent users from backdating invoices and transactions and causing the 2 systems to not agree. Enter the summary activity into Quickbooks. Accountants should like this as it provides a clear path to an audit trail.

3. Export Transaction data from PF, and import into Quickbooks. You can use the export tools in PF to setup the mapping to Quickbooks. This sounds like a time saver, but you will then have 2 audit trails, and neither program will provide proper validation on duplicates or errors exports or imports.

4. Pay us to develop either advanced export/import options, or to develop an integration with the Quickbooks API.

Revised by AG-10/14/19

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