Purchase Order – Customer Order Link Batch

Adding items to the PO occurs in stages.

1. Insert a PO but don’t enter any line items. Click on OK. Then click on the Link Details button.
Link Batch 2013.06.21.jpg

2. Click on the ‘Batch Build’ button to open the Batch Build PO window. The window allows you to assign items to the PO based on order dates, vendors, and/or for a single style.
Batch Build 2013.06.21.jpg

3. Set your criteria and click OK and the items will be ready to be added to the PO.
Build Options 2013.06.21.jpg

4. Click the Summarize button, then click the Update PO button.
Summ 222013.06.21.jpg

5. Lastly, click the Go to PO button to see the finished PO.
PO Fin 2013.06.21.jpg

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