Production Link Module Overview

The Production Link Module is designed to:
1. Link Orders to Cut Tickets.
2. Automatically create Cut Tickets from Orders.
3. Track Orders by Cut Ticket – by Contractor criteria.
4. Identify Orders with no assigned Cut Tickets.
5. Identify Orders assigned to a particular Cut Ticket.

The Batch Insert process will create Cut Tickets based on the following user selected options.
1. Generate all Possible Cut Tickets
2. Generate Cut Tickets by Style Number Range
3. Generate Cut Tickets by Order Cancel Date Range
4. Additional options will be added based on user feedback

The batch process will not create Cut Tickets for items that are already assigned to a cut. It also has an option to account for available finished inventory, or to exclude inventory from calculations.

The Order Window has a button to open a subsidiary window which shows the Cut Number for each order line item. The Cut Ticket Window has a button to show the Order Numbers included on that cut, either in summary format or itemized by color. The PERFECT FIT fast navigation features will be available on each window.

Orders can be removed or added to a Cut Ticket, and the Cut Ticket quantities can be changed. Warning Messages will tell the user if the ordered quantities are out of balance with the quantities to cut.

Reports include:
1. List order items and orders that are not assigned to a cut ticket
2. Order Status to show all cuts by Order Number
3. Cut Status to show all Orders by Cut Ticket Number
These reports will include completion/cancel dates, quantities, and other fields as requested.

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