Printing Vertical Fields

To print fields vertically you will need to insert style information and link it to the field you want to display. This process needs to be repeated for each field you want to display vertically.
In the following example we will print the Stock number vertically.

Click the large ABC icon. Then draw a box in an empty area.
ABC 12 2013.03.27.jpg

Box 2013.03.27.jpg

In the properties box, in the bottom left, click the Text tab. Select the desired font and font size, then make the alignment Left Justified.
Text Box 2013.03.27.jpg

Select the box you just created then enter the following info in the Text field in the properties box (alternatively, you can double click the box you created and enter the data in the popup):

[style(kEscAngle,90)] [INVENTORY.IVNUM]

Style info.jpg
Note: The number 90 refers to the degree of rotation you want to associate with the field. The INVENTORY.IVNUM refers to the Stock number field. Thus, the degree of rotation and field to display can be changed by editing the number or changing the field. For example, you can rotate it only 45 degrees or show the Color field instead of the Stock number, or both. If you do not know the name of the field to display, click the magnifying glass icon next to Dataname, to display a list of tables and their associated fields.

Click Finish to Save the report.

Done 2013.03.27.jpg

What it looks like printed:

Print 21 2013.03.27.jpg

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