1. Insert a GL Asset Account -1000 series- called Prepaid Commissions.

2. Insert a check to the Sales Rep for the amount of the prepayment, and offset against the Prepaid Commissions account.

3. After an Invoice is inserted, use the General Ledger > Transaction entry to
CREDIT -increase- the Prepaid Commissions Account
DEBIT -increase- the Commission Expense Account
Use the Memo fields to refer to the Invoice Number, Sales Rep, etc.

4. Mark the Invoice as Commission Paid. This can be done on the Invoice Commission window by entering the Paid Date, or as a batch process by Paying Commissions. If the Batch Process is used Do Not automatically insert a check.

5. If the prepaid commission amount does not equal the commissions on the invoices, you will need to carefully maintain records of the remaining prepaid amount.

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