Prepack Order Entry

Enter PrePacks during Order Entry

On the detail window of the order, while in Insert mode, click either the Prepack 1 or the Prepack 2 buttons. Note: If you’re using the old version of the order window (using the Page button to switch between windows) you’ll see both the Prepack 1 and Prepack 2 buttons. Example:

Old Order Win 2017.06.27.jpg

If you’re using the new order window (Customer info and item details integrated into one window) you’ll see just the Prepack 2 button. Example:
New Order Window 05 2017.06.27.jpg

How to use the Prepack 1 and Prepack 2 windows

PrePack 1:

Simply double click each item to insert 1 prepack.

PrePack1 2017.06.27.jpg

PrePack 2:

Click the desired line item(s) and enter the number of prepacks, total units, and/or the Prepack Code (PP Code).
Note: If you enter the Total Units, Perfect Fit will distribute the quantities across the available sizes. Click Done when finished. Prepacks will be entered on the order detail window.
Prepacks2 2017.06.27.jpg

Revised 6/27/2017 – SV

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