Connection to Data File using path.txt

A small text file called path.txt is in the PFit Folder (where the PF library is located) stores the path to the data file.

If this path is not pointing to a valid data file a window will open with further explanation about connecting to the Data File.

You can change the data file that is opened by default by deleting the path.txt.
When opening PF again, it will say the path is missing and prompt you for the data file.
Navigate to open the data file you want as the default.
When the data file is opened, a new path.txt file will be created that points to that data file.

If you go to File > Change Data Files to open the Test Data File or a different data file, the path stored in path.txt is not changed.
When you next open PERFECT FIT it will connect to the file defined in path.txt

You can change the default data file to open under Maintenance > Utilities > Change default data file.
This rewrites the path file to point to the data file that you select.

A problem can occur if path.txt is created when the name of a folder has an illegal character in it
Eg: ,./<>?;:'”[{]}\|`~!@#$%^&*()-_=+
Any one of these characters may cause the path not to connect with the data file properly.
To fix this problem you must delete the path.txt, make sure none of your folders or disks, or drives have any of the above characters then open Perfect Fit as normal.
Open the correct data file when prompted.

Revised: AG 1/26/12

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