Many printer drivers will interpret colors as greyscale, and thus print in textured black and white. The report colors can be changed to black to avoid this effect.


It is much easier to change report colors to black in PF7.

Menus > Maintenance > Prog > Library Configuration > Print
Reports in Black


The color table is stored in the PERFECT FIT library. Different workstations can be set with different color tables, and new versions will revert to the original color table.

To change the report color, go to File > Long Menu. Then File > Prefrences > Change Colors. In this screen, you will see two colormaps. The colormap on the left is the Default Colormap, the source of the colors; these colors can not be changed.

The colormap on the right is the Library Colormap. Text in PERFECT FIT reports is black, red, blue, and green, as shown in the second to bottom row. The other rows control the colors of the windows. Drag colors from the Default Colormap on the left onto the Library Colormap on the right to change the colors of the report.

To fix the printing problem, change the colors in the second to the last row in the Library Colormap to black. Black can be found in the lower right hand corner of the Default Colormap. This color should replace the colors in the second to the bottom row of the Library Colormap for desired compatibility.

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