1. Invoices: Print 6-Pack style
If an invoice includes a negative qty and an equal positive qty of the same item, same size, on the next line, and those were the only 2 lines, it will not print. Print the bulk style if you need to show an adjustment breakdown, ie -2 returned and +2 shipped for replacement.

2. If a Posted Invoice has been voided, and you need to reuse the invoice number, you can Edit the Invoice number field in the Invoice Header file to some other number to free up the number you want to use again.
Go to Menus > Maintenance, Maintenance > Programmers
PROG > Window > Invoices
Find the Invoice with the wrong Number
Click EDIT, and change the Invoice Number (INNUM) to some other unused LOW number, that is, less than your current sequence of numbers.
If you change it to a high number the “LAST” button on the invoice window will not work.

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