Marketing Module

The Marketing Module contains a group of reports that provide advanced sales analysis.

Many of the reports use complex internal processing that goes beyond the capabilities of standard report writers.
If you are not a current user of PERFECT FIT, you should know that the PERFECT FIT BASE PACKAGE includes over 1000 built in reports. You will not need the Marketing Module to track sales, customer performance, or sales rep effectiveness. Those reports are included in PERFECT FIT. This group of reports extends the capability of the program.

Source Analysis
Order Exceptions
Order Season Exceptions
Season Comparison
Season Comparison by Territory
Customers 4 Seasons
Customers Who Ordered
Customers Who Purchased
Item Sales History
Bookings by Sales Locations
Bookings by Customer
Bookings by Division
Orders by Customer, 3 Months

Marketing Reports tree example:
Marketing Reports Tree 2013.02.22.jpg

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