Ledger Cut Receiving

The following procedure will credit the Raw Materials ledger account, and will debit the Finished Goods account when you receive items on a Finished Goods Cut Ticket.


Menus > Maintenance
Maintenance > Preferences > Production & Cut Tickers
Place a check in the box for these two preferences:

– Require Complete Cost Entry before Receiving on Cuts

– Insert Transactions when Receiving on Cuts

Note: The preference number may be be different in your version but the description will be the same.
Preferences 2015.08.12.jpg


Insert a Cut Ticket
Allocate and Use the parts (place a check in Parts as Used and Costs are Done)
Cut Ticket 2015.08.12.jpg


Then Receive finished items via the “Receive 2 button”.
In the Receiving window you’ll notice that Insert Ledger Transactions
and CR Parts Asset, Not WIP are automatically selected.
Boxes Checked 2015.08.12.jpg


After you receive the items you’ll notice a new transaction set # in the top right.
If you click the Trx Inspect button you will be taken to the transaction details window.
There you can see debited and credited accounts.
Trxs 09 2015.08.12.jpg

Created 8/12/2015 – SV

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