Standards for displaying images in PERFECT FIT:

1. Image should be a maximum of 400 pixels wide x 400 pixels high.

2. Image Mode must be RGB or Grayscale, not CMYK.

3. Save images as JPEG files.
Save As:
– Quality: Medium (High quality will work but will make the Style Master window open more slowly.)
– File Format: Baseline Standard (Do NOT use Baseline Optimized or Progressive)
– Color Profile: Should not make a difference, although sRGB will show the most accurate colors.

Inventory Preference #25, Do Not Scale JPEG Pictures.
If this is checked, the pictures do not need to be square, and they will not distort.
However, they will also be cropped if they are too large for the display field.
The main inventory window displays a maximum of 190 pixels on the longest side.
Other Data > Picture is expanding and can display any size.

Revised 10/2/19 SH

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