Inventory Price Adjustments, by batch
Commands > Build Styles > Batch Update Prices

This window has built in instructions:
Enter a NEGATIVE Percent to sell at a LOWER Price.
Enter a POSTIVE Percent to sell at a HIGHER Price.

If you do not want to change the Level 1 Price, Percent at Level 1 should be 0.00 %
Percents on Levels 2 throgh 6 are calculated based on the Level 1 Price AFTER the Level 1 Price is adjusted.
Sell Price on the Style Master window is the Level 1 price
Only Stock Numbers marked as CURRENT are updated.
Only Price Levels with DESCRIPTIONS entered are updated.
The ADJUSTMENT Percent is the CHANGE in Price, so to double a price from level 1 enter 100%.

2/1/2013 AG

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