How to display pictures on the Style Master window.

Menus > Inventory
Other Data > Picture
Also displays on the Stye master window if opened wide.
An Inventory preference can prevent the picture from loading.

A folder named PIX will be created in the same folder which holds your datafile.
A file named PIX.txt will be created in the PFit Folder. This can be edited to point to a different folder if desired.
Place JPEG images of the inventory item into this folder.
Image should be a maximum of 400 pixels wide x 400 pixels high.

The picture displays using the following rules:

Looks for file names in this order:
full stock#
style-design-color (ignore size)
style-color (ignore size)
style-design (ignore color and size)
Style Only
Design only
Color only
PixName is none.jpg

If the Stock Number contains an operating system illegal character:
\ / : * ? ” < > |
The file name should drop this character.
Example: 100-RD/BK should be named 100-RDBK

See this link for the file format for the picture:

Revised 10/2/19 SH

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