Garment Dyer’s use of the Embellishment PO’s, by example.

We will use a Style 100, and Colors B (Blue) and R (Red). The color Z will denote a BLANK garment.

1. On the Style Master window, insert inventory 100-B and 100-R
Also insert 100-Z.
For 100-B go to Other Data > Notes
Scroll down to the middle of the page, in the field marked “Finished item this is made from”, insert 100-Z. Do the same for 100-R.

2. Insert an Order from your customer, say 10 items for 100-B and 20 for 100-R.

3. Determine the Blank requirements. From Orders go to Reports > Order Items. Click on Base Style requirements (this gives the minimum of info needed, click on detail for more) and enter either your Order start or cancel date range.

4. Insert a cut ticket for the 30 pieces (as per the report) for 100-Z

5. Receive on the cut ticket. (Increases inventory of your Blank Stock Item 100-Z.)

6. Insert an Embellishment PO.
Line #1 10 100-B To Use 100-Z
Line #2 20 100-R To Use 100-Z

7. Reduce to use 100-Z. (Decreases Blank in stock)

8. Receive on the Embellishment PO. (Increases Stock of dyed 100-B and 100-R)

9. Insert invoice for the order and ship.

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