Formatting Summary Accounts

PERFECT FIT allows you to summarize your account categories.

For our example, we will use the sales accounts under Revenue.

Insert a new Revenue account category to summarize the sales accounts eg: 4109. In the format field choose Summary.

Go to a revenue account you want to include in the summary. Click Edit and enter 4109 in the Summary Account field.

Go to Menus > Ledger > Summary_Reports and select a report. We used the Income Report.
The report opens and shows the revenue accounts in detail (#4100, 4102, 4104). The Sales Summary account #4109 is blank.

When you click on the Summarize button, the report collapses and summarizes the revenue accounts attached to the summary account. You can choose different accounts from different areas and summarize them eg: owner’s expenses (disability insurance, medical premiums, car lease, etc.)
You can summarize the summary accounts and have a very detailed report for tax audits and less detailed reports for tax returns and shareholders. To return to the detailed report click the Refresh button.

Revised 6/17/21 by SH

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