Options for EDI Implementation

1. Out sourcing to a third party. The vendor requesting that you implement EDI may recommend a service provider. Also see UG# 268. This is the least expensive method of implementation for small users.

2. Bringing EDI in house. You will need a dedicated computer for this and a third party service provider. This option will give you more control over the processing of the EDI orders, and be more inexpensive if you have a larger volume of EDI documents. This costs in the wide range of $2,000-30,000.

3. Integration of #2 with PERFECT FIT. We will work with the 3rd party provider of your EDI software. Orders you received on the EDI program will end up in PF as though you had typed them in. Invoices created in PF can be sent to the EDI software for transmission to your customer. Call for quote.

4. Integration of RMS Online with PERFECT FIT. This is an inexpensive turnkey solution for low to medium volumes.

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