Deleting a check and reusing the same check number is not in accordance with proper accounting practices. The accepted method is to void a check and use the next available check number. However, if you still want to delete a check and reuse the number the following directions will show you how to do so. This procedure is only available at the highest level password.

Step 1:
Go to Menus > Maintenance > Programmer’s > *PROG* > Windows > Transactions
The PROG_FTR Window will open
Click Find, then enter check number in the TCHECK_NUM (check number) field.
Do not enter the number in the TRX# aka TSEQ field.
Click OK to find the check.

Step 2:
Edit the Debit Amount: TDRAMT and Credit Amount: TCRAMT fields to 0 (One of these numbers will already be a zero)
Change the TCHECK_NUM (Check Number) to 0.
Change the T_CKNUM_BANK (Check/Bank) field to blank (Make sure nothing is in this field, not even a 0).

Change the TDESC (Description) and TMEMO (Memo) to anything you want. We recommend you enter the date and your initials.
Do not change the Post Date: TPDATE field and do not delete the transaction. When done, click OK to save your changes.

To complete the process you must repeat steps 1 and 2 on all other transaction associated with the check. There will be a minimum of 2 transactions per check.
Find on the Check number again (to locate all the offset accounts) and repeat as above.

When done, go to Prog > Reset ABAL, Open Periods. This procedure may take a while on a large datafile. Alternately, you can reset the ABAL for just the bank account and offset account which will go faster than resetting the balance on all acounts.

We recommend that after you use the Programmer’s Windows you print diagnostics. This will help catch any mistakes you may have made.

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