Commonly used terms and nomenclature within Perfect Fit

Orders, Customer Orders – These are the orders for items you receive from your customers. Orders in PF have not been shipped.

Bookings – Bookings are a total of Orders, Picks, and Invoices. They represent customer commitments, whether or not the items have been delivered. Bookings reports are often used to determine sales rep activity and to get an overview partway though a season.

Invoices – Invoices show what has been shipped to your customer. They also show the balance due for the shipped goods. Once an invoice is inserted the items listed on the invoice are removed from inventory. If you void an invoice the items are put back into inventory.

Pick Ticket – A pick ticket is used to reserve goods on an order to ensure the order will be fulfilled. For example, you have created an order which contains items that will be put on other orders as well. It’s possible you will run out of stock before being able to fill all the orders. You want to make sure the order you’re working on has enough stock to ship out by the expected date. So you insert a Pick Ticket on your order which reserves the items and ensures your order has all the items needed to ship out.

Purchase Orders (PO’s) – These are the orders you send to your vendors. Purchase orders tell your vendor what you want to buy from them. Once you receive the items from your vendor you then use the “Receive” command on the Purchase Order to bring the purchased goods into your inventory.

Load All – Display every item in a list.

Field – Each box in a window within Perfect Fit is called a “field”. For example, looking at the Customer window you will see various fields for Customer Name, Address, Terms, etc..

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