Customer Import Map (PF7)

Customer Import Map

Use the Data File Browser to create a Customer Import Map.

You should have at least 1 customer in your data file that you entered manually.

Menus > Maintenance
PROG > Data File Browser

Select Customers
Look at the Value column and that will help figure out which fields you need.
Click List Records to open the “View File Class Data” window
In the left hand column with the checkboxes, check the fields you want to import and uncheck the ones you don’t.
Name the Import Map at the bottom left corner, and click the disk icon to save it.

Create a spreadsheet that has the columns to match your import map.
They must be in the same order as shown in your map.
Save the spreadsheet at a Tab Delimited Text file.

Make a backup of your data file, in case the import fails or the map is wrong.
On the “View File Class Data” window, click the Import button
Select the txt file to Import, and click OK.

After the records have been imported:
PROG > Procedures > Procedures 1 > Customer Import Update.
This will add any required fields that may be missing.

Print Diagnostics: Diagnostics > Complete Diagnostics
to make sure no new errors were introduced.

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