Custom Programming

Custom Programming

To give you the best deal we need to minimize our time on the project.
Here is an outline of how we like to work.

1. Ask us if it is generally feasible to do what you want. If yes, proceed.
2. E-mail us detailed specifications. You don’t need everything finalized, but we should have 70% – 90% of what you want at this point.
3. I will call with questions, and will usually do a screen share.
4. I will send a quote, either fixed price or hourly estimate.
5. You approve the quote – sign, date, and return to us.
6. We program and deliver the BETA version. It is assumed this does not have every detail worked out. It is our best guess at what you want.
7. You test it right away while the project is still fresh in our mind.
8. We have another screen sharing session to discuss final changes and fixes.
9. We deliver the final version.

A few Points:
On small projects it is faster for us to program than it is to spend time writing specifications.
You will not be able to predict exactly what you want until you have a hands on experience with the project.
You always have the option of coming back for more changes and tweaks.

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