6 or 12 Size Buckets

6 or 12 Size Buckets

If you’re using the Apparel Sizes option and have only 6 size buckets, or size slots as we call them, you can upgrade to the 12 size slot version at no cost. (PF7 only)

It seems like more is better, but the downside of this is that many reports will now have to be printed in landscape orientation, and some windows in the software will be wider. You can see how this looks by downloading the test data file labeled PFDATA_TEST12. Please look at this carefully because once you got to 12 you can not go back to 6.

Test Data files are found here.

Make a backup of your data file before installing the 12 slots.

When you are ready to install 12 slots, please call us for an access code.

Revised 9/28/2015 – SV

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